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The Potential Role of Annuities in Your Financial Plan

Annuities can sometimes be beneficial financial products, in the right circumstances. With a clear understanding of what annuities are and how they work, you can better determine whether or not an annuity could help you meet some of your financial goals. An annuity is a type of insurance contract into which you invest money today […]

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IRS Reprieve Offers Opportunity for Last-Minute Tax Savings

The IRS has provided taxpayers with a slight reprieve this year by extending the traditional April 15 tax-filing deadline by three days. As a result, you have until next Tuesday, April 18, to file your tax return or request an extension. This means you also have an extra three days to make a 2016 contribution […]

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Disaster Planning: Have You Made Plans for Your Personal Finances?

This is the time of year when violent spring storms can spawn dangerous tornadoes here in the Midwest that can cause significant property damage and, in a worst-case scenario, also result in loss of life. Most Midwesterners know the importance of preparing for this kind of natural disaster by stockpiling supplies like water, canned goods, […]

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