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5 Tasks for Your Retirement Checklist

Many people keep checklists for a wide variety of different activities — everything from their daily chores and to-do’s to items they need to take with them on vacation. But have you ever thought about creating a checklist for your retirement? Doing so is especially important if you are nearing the age and date when […]

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How to Avoid a Retirement Savings Shortfall

We often hear the word “trillions” with regard to the national debt, which is now closing in on $20 trillion, according to the US Debt Clock. But an even more alarming trillion-dollar figure might be the worldwide projected retirement savings shortfall. According to a new report released by the World Economic Forum, there will be […]

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How to Catch Up on Your Retirement Savings

Frontier knows that most of us are guilty of procrastination in at least one area of our lives. For example, maybe you keep putting off going to the doctor for that annual physical, or sitting down with your spouse and balancing your checkbook. According to a new report released by the World Economic Forum, many […]

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What is Bond Duration — and How Does It Affect Bond Fund Prices?

When the Federal Open Market Committee raised the federal funds rate by a quarter of a point in March, many investors wondered what impact this might have on their portfolios. We, at Frontier, have noticed many bond investors, in particular, have been questioning the impact of rising rates on bond mutual funds and exchange traded […]

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