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Why Protecting Assets is as Important as Accumulating Them

Asset preservation has become increasingly important in today’s litigious society. A malpractice or personal injury lawsuit or adverse divorce settlement could put in jeopardy all the assets and wealth you’ve worked your entire life to accumulate. Given this, it’s just as important to devise asset protection strategies as it is to devise asset accumulation strategies. […]

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Choosing a Trustee: What Can You Do If A Family Member Isn’t An Option?

Frontier realizes that one of the most important aspects of estate planning is designating a trustee or executor for your estate. Your trustee will be responsible for managing the financial affairs of your estate after you die. Trustees generally assume a wide range of estate management responsibilities, including distributing assets according to the terms of […]

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Financial Basic Training: Six Steps for Teaching Your Kids Financial Independence

There’s no question that teenagers and young adults learn a lot of different things in high school and college. But there’s one very important life skill that most high schools and colleges don’t teach: how to become financially independent. So it’s often up to parents to provide some basic training in financial independence to their […]

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Tax-planning Strategies for New Parents

New parents have lots of new things to think about — from what kind of formula to feed their baby to what kind of car seat to buy. One thing that probably isn’t high on a new parent’s priority list is tax planning. But maybe it should be. Having a child can impact your taxes […]

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