Happy Anniversary! Long-Running Bull Market Celebrates 10 Years

March 9 was the anniversary of a financial event that few people foresaw a decade ago. On this date, the longest-running bull market in U.S. history turned 10 years old. The decade-long stock market rally has generated a gain of almost $18 trillion in the market value of the S&P 500 Index, which has more […]

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Now Is the Time for Some Financial Spring Cleaning

At this time of year, many people start thinking about doing some spring cleaning around the home. This typically includes things like clearing out cluttered closets and basements, wiping down baseboards and washing windows. However, this can also be a good time to do some financial spring cleaning. Here are a few tips for cleaning […]

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What Retirement Crisis? New Data Indicates That Retirement Savings Are Healthy

The news headlines lately have been trumpeting a looming “retirement crisis” due to a failure of many Americans to save adequately for retirement. However, a recent article in The Wall Street Journal makes the case that just the opposite is actually true, at least when it comes to household retirement savings. The article shares a […]

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A Social Security Primer: Answers to Common Questions About Social Security

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security to help finance their retirement or pay benefits if they become disabled. Given the important role that Social Security plays in so many people’s lives, it’s surprising how many misconceptions there are about it. Following is a primer on the basics of Social Security that addresses some of […]

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Start Planning Your RMD Strategies Now

There’s a sneaky little provision in IRAs and 401(k)s that some retirement savers aren’t aware of. This provision is commonly referred to as required minimum distributions, or RMDs for short. As the name suggests, you are required to begin distributing a minimum amount of money from your traditional IRA (not Roth IRA) and 401(k) accounts […]

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