8 Technology Tips for Protecting Your Personal Data

When it comes to major data breaches, the hits just keep on coming. In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg testified before Congress about how the personal information of 87 million Facebook users was improperly shared with an analytics firm. And Yahoo! was just fined $35 million for failing to disclose a 2014 data breach in […]

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Tax Reform Makes Beneficial Changes to 529 Plans

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law last December includes many provisions that will be beneficial to individuals and families. These include lower tax rates, a higher standard deduction, an expanded child tax credit, a lower AGI threshold for deducting medical expenses, and an increased exemption amount for calculating the alternative […]

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Important Legal Documents for College-Bound Kids

Most parents send their kids off to college with everything they think they might possibly need to live on their own for the first time — from furniture and bed sheets to dishes and kitchen appliances, clothing and a pantry full of groceries. But there’s one thing that’s potentially even more important than these essentials […]

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Getting a Tax Refund? 6 Suggestions for Spending It Wisely

Last year, more than 97 million Americans received a tax refund averaging $2,763. Now that the tax filing deadline is upon us, millions more Americans will be receiving refunds in the coming weeks. Perhaps you’re one of these people who’s looking forward to getting a check in the mail soon from Uncle Sam. If so, […]

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Is Values-Based Investing Right For You?

Frontier has noticed that the area of values-based has been getting increased attention recently. Values-based investing is an attempt to invest money in ways that are in alignment with one’s core values and beliefs. For example, some people are now seeking to avoid investing in the securities of firearms companies due to growing incidences of […]

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