The Emotional Side of Retirement Planning

After years of hard work and diligent financial planning, you’re finally ready for retirement. But before you start dreaming about endless days of golf or gardening, you should evaluate if you’re emotionally prepared for this new stage of your life. Beyond Financial Planning The financial aspects of retirement planning are crucial, of course. However, don’t […]

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2019 Economic Outlook: Are We Headed Toward a Recession?

As we head into 2019, some economists are starting to speculate that the long-running U.S. economic expansion might be nearing an end — and a recession could be looming sooner rather than later. The U.S. economy has been growing steadily since the summer of 2009, making it the second-longest expansion on record. If growth continues […]

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7 Financial New Year’s Resolutions to Make — Right Now

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions at this time of the year. According to a survey conducted by Fidelity Investments, almost one-third of Americans plan to make financial resolutions for 2019. The most common New Year’s resolutions cited by the survey respondents were saving more money (48 percent), paying down debt (29 percent) and […]

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Getting Retirement Ready as the Finish Line Approaches

If you’re in your 50s or early 60s, your much-anticipated retirement day may be approaching soon. This makes now a critical time to make sure you’ll have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. So how do you measure up from a retirement savings standpoint? According to the Economic Policy Institute, the average retirement savings […]

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Is Your Asset Allocation Still in Line with Your Investment Objectives?

In a recent blog, we explained why now is a good time to focus on making some year-end tax moves that could save you money when you file your tax return this spring. This is also a good time to reexamine the allocation of assets in your investment portfolio. Asset allocation refers to how your […]

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