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Will You Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

Many people base their retirement saving and distribution strategies on life expectancy projections made by the Social Security Administration. According to these projections, once he has reached age 65, the average male in the United States will live to age 84 and the average female will live to age 86. But there’s something very important […]

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Retirement Planning Strategies When There is a Sizable Age Gap

Most married couples tend to be relatively close to each other in age. According to the most recent U.S. census data, the average age gap between married couples is 2.3 years. However, in 10 percent of marriages, the age gap is more than 10 years. Unique Planning Challenges A sizeable age gap between spouses can […]

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5 Tasks for Your Retirement Checklist

Many people keep checklists for a wide variety of different activities — everything from their daily chores and to-do’s to items they need to take with them on vacation. But have you ever thought about creating a checklist for your retirement? Doing so is especially important if you are nearing the age and date when […]

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How to Avoid a Retirement Savings Shortfall

We often hear the word “trillions” with regard to the national debt, which is now closing in on $20 trillion, according to the US Debt Clock. But an even more alarming trillion-dollar figure might be the worldwide projected retirement savings shortfall. According to a new report released by the World Economic Forum, there will be […]

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How to Catch Up on Your Retirement Savings

Frontier knows that most of us are guilty of procrastination in at least one area of our lives. For example, maybe you keep putting off going to the doctor for that annual physical, or sitting down with your spouse and balancing your checkbook. According to a new report released by the World Economic Forum, many […]

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No Excuses: It’s Time to Establish a Small Business Retirement Plan

If you own a small business, then you’re used to “grabbing the bull by the horns” and getting things done yourself. This typically includes launching new products and markets, hiring new employees and setting a strategic vision and course for the company. But there’s one important thing that many small business owners fail to do: […]

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Four Retirement Savings Steps for Millennials

Saving for retirement isn’t high on the priority list for some Millennials. After all, there are lots of other financial obligations you probably have to worry about right now — things like repaying college loans, buying a car and paying for car insurance, and saving for a down payment on a first home. But if […]

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What Is Your Level of Investing Risk Tolerance?

What Is Your Level of Investing Risk Tolerance? The risk vs. reward equation applies to many things in life. The more risk you’re willing to assume, the higher your possible reward — and your potential loss. Frontier knows that gauging risk vs. reward is critical to formulating your investing strategy. It starts with determining your […]

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IRS Inflation Adjustments Are Minimal for 2017

Each year, the IRS makes adjustments to a wide range of tax provisions to reflect the impact of inflation. With inflation relatively low, the adjustments made by the IRS for 2017 are very small. Here’s what you need to know about the 2017 IRS inflation adjustments: The contribution limits for qualified retirement accounts essentially remain […]

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