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Will You Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

Many people base their retirement saving and distribution strategies on life expectancy projections made by the Social Security Administration. According to these projections, once he has reached age 65, the average male in the United States will live to age 84 and the average female will live to age 86. But there’s something very important […]

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5 Tasks for Your Retirement Checklist

Many people keep checklists for a wide variety of different activities — everything from their daily chores and to-do’s to items they need to take with them on vacation. But have you ever thought about creating a checklist for your retirement? Doing so is especially important if you are nearing the age and date when […]

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Four Retirement Savings Steps for Millennials

Saving for retirement isn’t high on the priority list for some Millennials. After all, there are lots of other financial obligations you probably have to worry about right now — things like repaying college loans, buying a car and paying for car insurance, and saving for a down payment on a first home. But if […]

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What Is Your Level of Investing Risk Tolerance?

What Is Your Level of Investing Risk Tolerance? The risk vs. reward equation applies to many things in life. The more risk you’re willing to assume, the higher your possible reward — and your potential loss. Frontier knows that gauging risk vs. reward is critical to formulating your investing strategy. It starts with determining your […]

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The Potential Role of Annuities in Your Financial Plan

Annuities can sometimes be beneficial financial products, in the right circumstances. With a clear understanding of what annuities are and how they work, you can better determine whether or not an annuity could help you meet some of your financial goals. An annuity is a type of insurance contract into which you invest money today […]

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5 Retirement Savings Questions to Ask Now

According to the Pew Research Center, 10,000 baby boomers now reach the traditional retirement age of 65 every single day. Some of these boomers have planned well for their financial security in retirement — but, unfortunately, many haven’t. A study conducted by GoBankingRates found that one-third of Americans have not saved any money at all […]

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How Women Can Plan for a Financially Secure Retirement

Planning for retirement is important for everyone, of course, but it’s especially critical for women. Why? Because studies have indicated that when compared to men, women often don’t save as much money for retirement. Sobering Stats According to a recent Vanguard report, the average 401(k) balance for women is about $75,000 while the average for […]

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Choosing the Right Social Security Distribution Strategy

Every day, approximately 8,000 Americans turn 65 years old, which is the traditional retirement age. One of the many decisions facing 65-year-olds is when should they start receiving their Social Security retirement benefits. It’s not as simple as opting to receive Social Security starting on your 65th birthday. In face, there’s a lot of flexibility […]

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What Is Goals-Based Wealth Management — and Why Is It Important?

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” This saying rings true in a lot of areas of life, including wealth management. To reach your financial destination, you need a roadmap or plan. But before you can create a plan, you need to have a good idea of where it […]

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