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Tax-planning Strategies for New Parents

New parents have lots of new things to think about — from what kind of formula to feed their baby to what kind of car seat to buy. One thing that probably isn’t high on a new parent’s priority list is tax planning. But maybe it should be. Having a child can impact your taxes […]

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IRS Reprieve Offers Opportunity for Last-Minute Tax Savings

The IRS has provided taxpayers with a slight reprieve this year by extending the traditional April 15 tax-filing deadline by three days. As a result, you have until next Tuesday, April 18, to file your tax return or request an extension. This means you also have an extra three days to make a 2016 contribution […]

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How to Properly Substantiate Your Charitable Donations

‘Tis the season for … tax preparation. No, it’s certainly not as fun or exciting as the holiday season. One of the first tax-preparation steps is to confirm you have all records of your charitable donations. Any donations you make to qualified Section 501(c)3 charitable organizations may be deductible on your federal income tax return. […]

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Tax-Efficient Investing: How to Increase Your After-Tax Returns

When gauging the return on their investments, many people neglect one of the most important factors affecting their returns: taxes. Because when it comes to investment returns, it’s not what you make, but what you keep that really counts. This makes tax efficiency one of the biggest keys to successful portfolio management. Your goal should […]

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