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Expanded Child Tax Credit: A Tax Reform Provision That Could Benefit the Affluent

Expanded Child Tax Credit A Tax Reform Provision That Could Benefit the Affluent It has been about nine months since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law, but many individuals and families are still sifting through all the details of the legislation to determine ways that they might benefit. There’s at […]

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How Tax Reform Affects the Kiddie Tax

Some parents and grandparents make gifts to their kids and grandkids in an effort to reduce income taxes. This strategy shifts income into a child’s or grandchild’s lower tax bracket while also removing assets from a parent’s or grandparent’s taxable estate. But the tax benefits of this strategy are limited due to what’s often referred […]

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Pension Payouts: Lump Sum Payout vs. Monthly Payments

If your employer offers a pension plan, congratulations! Fewer businesses today are offering traditional pension plans to employees, instead opting for defined contribution plans like 401(k)s. Assuming you have a pension plan, you may be given the option at some point of receiving a lump-sum financial payout or monthly payments over time. Many large businesses […]

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