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Understanding Social Security Spouse and Survivor Benefits

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’re counting on Social Security as an important source of income during your retirement years. This makes it critical to plan carefully for how you can maximize your Social Security benefits when you retire. One common mistake made by many married couples when planning the role of Social Security […]

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Is Social Security Really Going Broke?

You may have heard various media reports that Social Security is “going broke.” If so, you might be wondering whether or not this is really true. The simple answer is no. But to understand why this is so and why it has become a common misconception, it helps to better understand the Social Security trust […]

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What is the Tax Torpedo — and How Can You Avoid It?

Understanding all the details and nuances of Social Security benefits can sometimes be difficult. For example, one source of confusion for many people has to do with whether or not Social Security benefits are taxable. Social Security benefits themselves generally aren’t taxable, but there is a situation where a portion of benefits may become taxable. […]

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How You Can Jump Off the Investing Emotional Roller Coaster

With summer right around the corner, you could be planning a trip to your favorite amusement park. Once there, you might even be brave enough to ride one of the giant roller coasters that are so popular at many parks today. Amusement park roller coasters are fun — at least they are for some people. […]

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The Long-Term Benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging

“Buy low and sell high.” This is probably the simplest explanation of how to be a successful investor. Simple doesn’t make it easy, though. Nobody has a crystal ball allowing them to see into the future so they know when to buy securities at the lowest possible price and sell them at the highest possible […]

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