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What Role Should an Inheritance Play in Retirement Planning?

The greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history is expected to occur in the coming years as baby boomers pass away and Gen Xers and Millennials inherit their assets. It has been estimated that this wealth transfer could be as high as $30 trillion. Given how ill-prepared financially many Americans are for retirement, this windfall […]

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Year-end Giving Strategies: Could You Benefit by Making Qualified Charitable Distributions?

With the year-end in sight and holidays fast approaching, many people are starting to think about making charitable contributions in order to realize tax benefits and support charitable organizations and causes they believe in.  As you plan your year-end giving approach, you should consider a unique strategy that could help you accomplish several different objectives […]

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Stock Market Crash Anniversary: Lessons to Learn from the Crash of ‘29

October 24, 2019, marked a dubious financial milestone. This was the 90th anniversary of the beginning of what is generally considered to be the greatest stock market crash of all time. Often referred to as “Black Thursday,” this crash ushered in the Great Depression that lasted throughout the 1930s. Some other major stock market downturns […]

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What You Should Know About Inherited IRA

If you are the recipient of an inherited IRA, there are some special rules and considerations you should be aware of. Failure to follow these rules can result in unintended tax consequences that could cost you a big chunk of your inheritance.  Spouse vs. Non-Spouse IRAs There’s good news if you inherited an IRA from […]

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Why Estate Planning Is Important — Even if You Have No Heirs

Individuals who are single and don’t have close family members sometimes think that they don’t have to bother with estate planning. But this is a mistaken impression. Estate planning is critical for anyone who possesses assets, regardless of their marital status or family situation. The most basic estate planning step you can take is to […]

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