How to Avoid Tax Consequences from College Refunds

college refunds

One of the unfortunate consequences of the coronavirus pandemic was the cancellation of classes halfway through the spring semester at many colleges and universities. Many of them are now refunding a portion of students’ tuition, fees, and room and board as a result of these cancellations.  If you have received one of these refunds, you […]

Watch Out for These 5 Coronavirus Scams


Times of crisis tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people, and the coronavirus crisis is no exception. While we’ve seen many examples of neighbors helping neighbors and even strangers helping strangers, unfortunately there has also been a sharp rise in scams designed to take advantage of the fear and uncertainty […]

Debt Reduction Strategies — Should You Take Advantage of a 0% Balance Transfer Offer?

zeo balance transfers

In a recent article we shared statistics indicating that affluent Americans are more likely to carry credit debt than Americans in the lowest income bracket. The article also shared some tips for paying down this debt if you’ve accumulated more high-interest credit card debt than you intended. One common strategy for reducing and eventually eliminating […]

Survey: Affluent Americans Carry High Credit Card Balances

credit card debt

When they think of people who carry high credit card balances, many people envision lower income individuals and families living paycheck to paycheck who need to use cards to pay for everyday expenses like groceries, gas and utilities. But a new survey conducted by Bankrate Credit Cards found that this isn’t necessarily the case. According to […]