How to Cope with Heightened Market Volatility

Extreme stock market volatility this year has tested the nerves of even the most experienced, battle-hardened investors. Markets plunged back in the spring as the scope of the coronavirus pandemic became apparent, only to come roaring back over the summer and fall as government stimulus programs took effect and the Federal Reserve pledged to keep […]

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Watch Out for Fraud on Instant Payment Apps

The popularity of payment apps has been rising this year as some people strive to avoid as much personal interaction with others as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include PayPal’s Venmo, Square’s Cash App and Zelle, which was created by a coalition of banks. Also known as peer-to-peer payment services, these apps allow instant […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Overspending

In our recent blog recognizing National Savings Day, which was on October 12, we offered tips to help you save more money. A key to saving money, of course, is avoiding overspending.  While it’s often easy to come up with justifications for overspending, the fact is there are a few common reasons why most people […]

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Pandemic Investing Strategies Portfolio — Rebalancing in Light of COVID-19

The coronavirus has upended everyday life for millions of Americans since the pandemic was first declared back in the spring. It has also reshaped the business landscape, forcing many industries to adapt on the fly in order to thrive or, in some cases, survive. Given this, it might be smart to give some fresh thought […]

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The Election and Taxes: What if Biden Wins?

With the Presidential election less than two weeks away, many people are starting to wonder what they should be doing with regard to income tax and estate planning in case Joe Biden is elected President. For the vast majority of people, the answer — at least right now — is: Nothing. While a Biden Presidency […]

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