Three Things to Consider Before Giving Financial Gifts to Your Grandkids

It’s one of the great joys of being a grandparent: Giving gifts to your grandkids. There’s no joy quite like seeing a grandchild’s face light up when opening a gift from his or her grandparents. In addition to holiday and birthday gifts, grandparents also sometimes choose to give their grandkids financial gifts, such as contributions […]

How to Plan for a Healthy and Wealthy New Year

With many people making New Year’s resolutions to eat better, exercise more and improve their health in the new year, it’s worth taking a look at the relationship between health and wealth. It turns out that there are direct links between healthy finances and a healthy mind and body. Social Determinants of Health As much […]

What’s in the New COVID-19 Relief Stimulus Bill?

On December 27, President Trump signed a $900 billion pandemic relief package that was passed by Congress into law. Like the CARES Act that was passed last spring, this legislation is designed to provide financial assistance for households and businesses that continue to be adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as provide funding […]

What You Should Know When Purchasing Life Insurance

Nobody likes to think about his or her own mortality. But the statistics regarding death are inescapable: 10 out of 10 people are going to die eventually. So instead of avoiding the topic of death, it’s best to plan ahead for how your family will be provided for financially if the primary earner dies unexpectedly. […]

5 Year-end Tax Planning Questions to Ask Yourself

The end of this very strange year is right around the corner — and not a moment too soon, many people would say. The coronavirus pandemic has altered so many things about our normal lives this year, so it’s probably no surprise that it has also altered year-end tax and financial planning strategies. Here are […]

5 Questions to Ask When Planning Business Succession

Many owners of small and mid-sized businesses dream of the day when they will reap the rewards of decades of hard work by cashing in and selling their business. For many of them, proceeds from a business sale will provide the bulk of their retirement income. Given this, you might assume that the vast majority […]

Ranks of 401(k) and IRA Millionaires is on the Rise — Despite the Pandemic

401k millionaires

When the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic first became apparent back in the spring, the stock market went into a nosedive with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 37% in just one month. But the turnaround since then has been just as remarkable: All three major stock indexes hit record highs in November while the […]

College and COVID: Rethinking Higher Education in Light of the Pandemic

college and covid

The coronavirus pandemic has upended many aspects of our world since it first sprang on the scene back in March. One of these that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention is higher education. Even before the pandemic struck, college enrollment had been steadily shrinking as many students and families began to question the value […]

How Dividends Can Boost Long-Term Investment Returns


Dividends are one of the least-understood aspects of investing among many people. But they have the power to significantly boost investment returns over the long term — so if you don’t have a good handle on dividend investing, now is a good time to learn more about it. What Are Dividends? Simply put, dividends are […]

Election Recap: It Looks Like Government Gridlock — and This is Probably Good

2020 election recap financial industry

The election, for the most part, is behind us now. While some legal challenges and recounts remain, as well as a couple of runoffs for U.S. Senate seats, it appears that Democrat Joe Biden will win the Presidency. In addition, Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives (albeit with a smaller majority) and […]