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Corporate Retirement

Meet your needs as an employer while also ensuring your employees’ satisfaction. 

Creating employee benefit programs that meet your needs as an employer while also considering your employees’ satisfaction is often a challenge for businesses.

With Frontier’s corporate retirement plan customization and the depth of our team’s expertise, let’s work together to find the best solution for your business. We’ll personalize your retirement plan while providing ongoing support through employee education.

How do we help business owners?

When you choose us for your corporate retirement plan needs, we help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Mitigate risk and personal liability
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and benefits
  • Simplify your plan processes
  • Create investment plan policies and disclosures

How do we help your employees?

We also work to make sure employees get what they want out of retirement plan options. We help by offering:

  • Asset allocation models based on personalized data and information
  • Communication and employee education programs
  • Success metrics of employee communication and education
  • Meetings (individual and group) to share and discuss plan features, wealth management, and financial planning
  • On-site enrollment meetings with your advisors

You don’t have to shoulder the responsibility and complexities of a corporate retirement plan on your own. Our experienced team will help you navigate legal and financial liability and ensure you have a plan in place that your employees can respond to positively.

Micro-business or self-employed? No worries, we’ve got some information for you too.

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At Frontier, we understand no corporate retirement plan is the same.  We also understand the need for companies to offer competitive benefits to help attract the best employees.  Because we understand the liability placed on many CEOs, CFOs and plan trustees, we are here to help alleviate those risks.  We use a team centric approach to help your employees reach their retirement goals.  Using open architecture platforms, we provide a customized investment solution that offers employee specific plans. Unlike many competitors, being an independent firm generates the flexibility to offer non-proprietary, low cost FWM-cashregand fee transparent investment options, while providing enhanced service features.

With impending changes in ERISA laws, high-level executives are left with the difficulty of ensuring success in plan administration, ERISA compliance, participant education and investment selection. However, no executive should carry the task and liability burdens associated with these responsibilities.  As a 3(38) fiduciary to each retirement plan, we take pride and accountability in the services we provide the company and employee.  Unlike many of our competitors, who are 3(21) fiduciaries, we are willing to step in and share the fiduciary risk, further protecting you.

With a holistic understanding of the corporate retirement process and financial market expertise, Frontier’s team can help you achieve corporate retirement plan success.