Frontier Wealth Management specializes in financial planning, risk management, tax planning and services, alternative investments, investment management, executive compensation, business succession, wealth transfer, and corporate retirement plans. No two clients’ needs are exactly alike, so our solutions in each of these areas are tailored to each client’s unique goals.

We believe that customized financial planning and management should be available to anyone who wants a secure financial future, so we built the firm on this premise. You will benefit from the knowledge of our in-house specialists, who bring decades of experience in each of these areas to help you achieve your financial, investing, retirement and estate-planning goals.

We are open and authentic in our approach to working with clients. You will always know the what, why and how of every recommendation and decision we make.



Financial Planning

financial-planningThis forms the foundation of everything we do, which is why creating a customized financial plan tailored to your unique circumstances is our first priority. We will learn about your entire financial picture — your income, expenses, obligations, investments, risk tolerance, tax situation and more — as we create a financial plan designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Once a plan is in place and implemented, we will regularly review and analyze the plan’s progress toward meeting your goals in an ever-changing environment. We are committed to utilizing all of the knowledge and expertise within our firm to mold and shape a financial plan that’s designed specifically for you.

Risk Management


When they hear the term “life insurance,” people usually think of an insurance policy that will provide financial protection for their family when they die. But life insurance can also be used in creative ways to accomplish other financial goals beyond just providing your loved ones with a death benefit. When used strategically, life insurance can be a valuable estate planning, business succession and charitable giving tool for affluent and high-net-worth individuals.

To best provide for your family, it’s important to consider how insurance might be a critical part of your entire financial plan when things don’t go exactly as expected. That’s why we have specialists in house to help assess your current plan, advise on gaps or overlaps in your existing coverage and provide advice around future solutions that transfer risk to the deeper pockets of an insurance company.

We strive to address the certainty around uncertainty.

Tax Planning & Services

tax-planning-servicesWhether you’re working or investing, what you earn isn’t as important as what you keep. This is why tax planning and services are such vital parts of your overall financial and investment plan. Tax laws are ever-changing and confusing, which makes it critical to have experienced tax guidance on your side.

Our team of tax professionals and certified public accountants (CPAs) will work directly with you to ensure that your financial and investment strategies are designed with tax minimization in mind. This includes suggesting tax-advantaged retirement plans that will increase your after-tax returns and trusts that will enable you to pass your estate on to your heirs while minimizing estate tax liabilities.

Alternative Investments

alternative-investmentsMany affluent individuals today are turning to alternative investments that are outside the realm of stocks, bonds and cash equivalents in order to diversify their portfolios and further boost returns. These alternative investments may include private equity, venture capital, real estate and hedge funds, to name a few.

We have extensive knowledge and resources in the alternative asset management space, which enables us to recommend alternative investment vehicles that can help you meet your long-term financial goals. Although alternative investments aren’t the right option in every situation, they can increase diversification and help smooth out returns during periods of market volatility.

Corporate Retirement

corporate-retirementRetirement plans are a key component of most businesses’ employee benefit packages. But they are complex and failure to follow the many rules and regulations governing qualified retirement plans can be disastrous. That’s why most businesses rely on specialists to help them navigate the world of corporate retirement plans.

We have experts on staff who specialize in corporate retirement plans. These specialists can help you determine which type of plan is right for your workforce and then walk you through the setup and implementation process. Our open architecture platform enables us to provide a customized investment solution that offers employee-specific plans. And since we’re an independent firm, we have the flexibility to offer non-proprietary, low-cost and fee-transparent investment options, along with enhanced service features. Our specialists will help you navigate the compliance requirements of your plan and provide one-on-one guidance to your employees to help them meet their retirement goals.


Investment Advisory


We understand every individual has a unique journey in mind when developing their investment plan. Some stay grounded during market volatility, while others lose sleep when markets fluctuate unexpectedly from one day to the next. A big part of our job is to understand each client’s appetite for such situations and design an investment plan that meets your objectives and handles risk in a responsible way.

Our investment management philosophy anchors on taking a personalized, long-term view of each client’s objectives allowing us to chart and maintain course with unwavering discipline even in the midst of extreme market volatility. This helps eliminate subjectivity and human bias from the investment decision-making process increasing the chance of achieving our goals while also accounting for interim risk and volatility.

 With a firm understanding of your objectives, we will design a plan that lets you sleep at night.

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