PwC Select Advisor Program


Frontier Wealth

Frontier Wealth Management offers a full range of financial, investment, income and estate tax, risk management, and other personal finance solutions to individuals, families and business owners. Guided by our core values of Transparency, Engagement, Resourcefulness and Advocacy, we create customized strategies for our clients that are tailored to their unique circumstances and goals. Our overall purpose is to identify financial challenges and provide solutions that will simplify our clients’ lives, empower them with confidence and help them achieve their lifetime goals.

While we are based in the Midwest, we currently serve many active and retired PwC Partners across the country — from Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., to Dallas and Houston to Los Angeles and San Francisco. We do not charge routine travel expenses to meet with our clients.

We take our responsibility to help our PwC clients comply with your independence requirements very seriously. And we know these rules not only apply to custodial requirements, but also investment ownership, life insurance policy purchases, mortgage arrangements, credit cards, etc. (other financial arrangements).

  • We have been serving PwC Partners for more than 10 years.
  • We have extensive experience in working with your PwC developed financial planning templates.
  • Our Select Advisor Program is led by Roger Hindman, former PwC National Benefits Leader and Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Protection Leader for the Firm’s partners.
  • We are fiduciaries.

Our advisors work one-on-one with clients to understand their personal goals and long-term aspirations. Supported by a group of in-house specialists, our team collaborates to design a comprehensive path unique to each client’s financial journey. In the financial quarterback role, we use a comprehensive financial planning approach that involves helping our clients understand and:

  • Manage their portfolios across multiple accounts in a coordinated manner;
  • Manage risks (e.g., through the use of life insurance or investment strategies);
  • Design wealth transfer strategies (e.g., through wills and trusts);
  • Accomplish life goals (e.g., having desired retirement cash flow or funding their children’s private high school or college education); and
  • Minimize income taxes and have tax-efficient debt arrangements.

We are one of you

Our lead advisors for Tier I services are CPAs (and many also hold the CFP designation) with large accounting firm experience. We understand your culture.
We are technically competent and very detail-oriented.
We are analytical, yet focused on the big picture.



Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

Clients will receive our full suite of planning services utilizing PwC Excel-based planning templates where appropriate


Investment Management and Annual Financial Plan/Update

May not be appropriate for more tenured partners due to the interaction of PwC retirement plans with life insurance matters and estate planning considerations, among other issues.


Investment Advisory Service

Compliance with PwC independence requirements. Independent management of non-PwC assets utilizing our institutional approach to asset allocation and diversification.