Tier I : Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

Clients will receive our full suite of planning services utilizing PwC Excel-based planning templates where appropriate:

  • This is an ongoing, hands-on service model.
  • We typically meet in person two to three times per year; however, there is “unlimited” consultation.
  • Investment management is coordinated across all PwC and outside accounts.
  • We provide access to institutional class funds and alternative strategies that are not generally available to the public.
  • A detailed asset allocation is created and investment selection is provided.
  • When fully implemented, our service results in broad diversification, including equities, fixed income, inflation protection assets and alternative investments. Opportunities for illiquid or unique investments are considered as appropriate.
  • Consolidated investment reporting, including PwC qualified plans, outside assets and spousal accounts are provided quarterly.


Comprehensive income tax, estate, retirement, college education funding and life insurance planning provided, as well as tax-efficient debt management and other personal finance issues facing the PwC partner/employee is provided.

These services are provided by an experienced, technically competent senior advisor. Please see our biographies ».

Fee: Ongoing Investment advisory and planning fees start at 1% of investible assets and decline as the asset base increases. Engagement fees are discussed and agreed on prior to the delivery of services.