Tier II: Investment Management and Annual Financial Plan/Update

(May not be appropriate for more tenured partners due to the interaction of PwC retirement plans with life insurance matters and estate planning considerations, among other issues.)

Clients receive an automated financial plan and related annual updates.

Compliance with PwC independence requirements

  • Custody assets with an approved independent custodian (TD Ameritrade)
  • All investments are precleared though CheckPoint and monitored for compliance with independence rules


Independent management of non-PwC assets utilizing our institutional approach to asset allocation and diversification:

  • We provide access to institutional class funds and alternative investments that are not generally available to the public.
  • Model allocations are provided for PwC plans for our client to implement.
  • Semi-annual remote consultations are provided regarding portfolio and financial planning challenges.
  • Consolidated investment reporting is provided quarterly.


Fee: $2,500 initial planning fee (for each subsequent year, updates are $1,000 annually) plus 1% of financial assets up to $1 million and then declining. $250,000 minimum, including PwC qualified plans.