Aaron Anson, MBA

Considering himself to be a “numbers guy,” Aaron has always been intrigued by the concept of investing and the importance of being financially fit. As the Director of Operations, Aaron manages a wide array of aspects for the firm, including back office operations, technology, client experience, workflow management, process improvements, human resources, advisor and firm acquisitions, […]

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Brandon Sifers

Brandon Sifers serves as Chief Financial Officer, where his day-to-day responsibilities include helping to develop and implement the strategic plan and vision of the firm, examining all financial and operational processes to identify areas needing improvement and efficiency, and supporting advisors by providing them with accounting and profitability tools.

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Nick Blasi

Nick has served as a Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Wealth Management since 2009. He has guided Frontier in transforming from a small independent advisory firm into an evolving Wealth Advisory Platform. He spends a considerable amount of time working on the overall strategy and development of the firm and striving to further expand Frontier’s presence and capabilities.

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