Alternative InvestmentsOur firm’s resources make us privy to investment vehicles you might not normally consider. Our extensive knowledge in the alternative asset management space allows for an increasingly robust and customized portfolio construction.

By identifying and uncovering alternative investment vehicles and opportunities, including private equity, hedge funds and real estate, we can guide you down a superior path, to better diversification and higher-return capabilities; while managing your overall-portfolio risk.

While alternative investments are often enticing, they don’t apply to everyone and should be incorporated as part of a holistic asset allocation. Your Frontier team will explore, assess and design an investment plan within your comfort and interest levels. This plan is yours, and yours alone.

We do this transparently. Each investment strategy, transaction and alignment are open for your review. We share information and explain how and why we recommend certain vehicles, helping you understand our models and their purpose in working toward your individual goals.

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