Frontier’s diverse team of financial advisors are focused on serving the current and future needs of families at all stages of their lives, family endowments, foundations, and corporations. We also are committed to helping you achieve your goals, while uncovering opportunities along the way.

Frontier’s investment philosophy represents a holistic approach which incorporates an in-house, wealth management methodology and platform services powered by our sister company, GeoWealth. This patented, leading edge platform allows us to build and implement your portfolio more efficiently, while balancing your financial goals in accordance with your risk tolerance.

Following a few key steps, your dedicated team will help you uncover your overall personal investment landscape. First, we look at the big picture, and then:

Wealth Management

We uncover opportunities.

Each Frontier team member focuses on an area of expertise. Backed by our collective experience, your team is able to design the best and, frequently, the most unique solution for your individual investment path.

We identify investment solutions: Our craft, your success.

We then create the appropriate investment vehicle combination to strengthen your overall portfolio. Our perfect alignment of focused, experienced and leading edge technology enables you to remain financially healthy in today’s dynamic economic environment. We utilize:

  • Individual Securities
  • Broad Based Index Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Investments
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate

We establish allocation: Our greatest asset.

Asset allocation represents a comprehensive optimized process, adhering to Modern Portfolio Theory. Frontier implements optimization techniques based on individual goals, which are designed to develop allocations across various investment classes.

We define strategies based on research, not emotion.

Frontier advisors understand research is our most valuable investment. Therefore, we invest in it every day, with every client and every transaction. We apply empirical, fundamental quantitative research, in order to uncover the best risk adjusted and stock selection strategies for that extra bit of annual return.

We deliver results: Our customized process.

This process is not only consistent and rational, it works. While many short-term market fluctuations do occur, we are interested in helping you achieve long-term growth goals.

How can I get started?

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