Balance of Investments.
— Guinotte Wise 4-23-2010

In our office lobby, you’ll find a sculpture commissioned specifically for Frontier. Guinotte Wise is the sculptor behind this beautiful, intricate piece of art, entitled, “Balance of Investments.” Following are Mr. Wise’s thoughts regarding his work.

Wealth management involves infinitely more than charting stocks and bonds funds — and finding appropriate mixes, with suitable returns. The market, as we’ve seen, is, in some aspects, a Persian bazaar and must be negotiated, carefully, on a daily — even hourly — basis. A balance of instruments requires constant attention. I felt ‘Balance’ should show complexity, the juxtaposition of old and new, a diversity of investments touching upon communications, the entertainment industry, gold, oil, commodities, travel, real estate, bonds, manufacturing, technology and so on; with any one item visually affecting others. There are also safety devices involved, analogous to checks and balances in investing, including the fire extinguisher, red light, airport runway beacon and other such visual metaphors. These even include a pistol (deactivated), reputed to have been a Wells Fargo guard’s gun. The scale, of course, as the center visual, conveys weights and balances. And, the abundance of circle motifs imply constant motion, fluidity.

So, a good deal of thought went into this. Nothing, really, compared to the strategies and risk reduction and constant attention the market requires of a firm, like FWM, to successfully manage and build their clients’ portfolios.”

Guinotte Wise 4-23-2010

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