Mark Howe


Partner, Senior Financial Planner

Mark serves as the Director of Financial Planning at Frontier. Prior to joining Frontier, Mark served as the Wealth Strategist for Bukaty Wealth Management, where he was responsible for the firm’s financial planning, as well as a Wealth Strategist for U.S. Trust. Mark works closely with ultra high net worth clients to provide a customized wealth management strategy to address the unique needs of each client. Mark creates and presents in-depth tax-efficient cash-flow analysis, tax strategies, retirement planning projections and probabilities, gifting strategies, and advanced estate planning concepts for clients.

“My passion is to help deliver financial planning knowledge to advisors and clients, and to translate complex scenarios into practical applications, creating better solutions for clients.”

Mark earned his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Kansas State University and worked as an engineer for several years before returning to K-State to pursue his desire to become a financial planner. Mark has earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation. Mark is also an active member of the Financial Planning Association of Kansas City. He is married with two daughters and enjoys spending time with his family.