Cora Hawkins

  • Cora Hawkins

Client Service Specialist

Before coming aboard to Frontier, Cora worked for 10 years as the Office Manager for Dimension Financial Consultants, where her responsibilities included customer support, data entry, answering calls and other related operations.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is getting to know the clients personally and finding out what their desires and goals are for their future. I discovered a basic truth from this simple formula, you end up on the same page of communication.”

Cora graduated from Albany State University and has lived in Albany all her life. She’s a former employee of the Dougherty County School System. She has combined her years of teaching experience and musical background into a group called, “The Musical Pup-pets.” The group promotes reading and learning for young children through puppetry, song and storytelling.

Cora and her husband Donald have four children and two grandchildren. They are active members of Saints of God House of Worship Church. Cora has written several plays, skits, stories and songs throughout the past 36 years.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with family and friends, gardening, crafting and painting.

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