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5 New Year’s Financial Resolutions for 2017

In a few weeks there’s a good chance you’ll make some New Year’s Resolutions — for example, to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more. As you think about your resolutions for 2017, here’s an idea: Try making some New Year’s financial resolutions. Here are 5 financial resolutions that could help make 2017 your best […]

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Behavioral Finance: How to Avoid the Behavior Gap

It might surprise you to learn that when it coms to managing their personal finances, many people act in an irrational way that damages their economic and financial self-interest. In fact, there’s a term that describes the negative impact of poor decisions made by investors: the behavior gap. This is the title of a book […]

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How to Deal With Market Volatility

“What goes up, must come down … Spinning wheel, got to go round” The lyrics of this classic Blood, Sweat & Tears song from 1968 could very well describe the day-to-day volatility of the financial markets. One day the markets are up, and the next day they’re down. Then they’re up again, then down again, […]

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What Is Asset Allocation — and Why Is It Important?

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t “put all of your eggs in one basket.” This saying might not have originally been about investing, but it’s the perfect way to describe the importance of asset allocation to your investing strategy. Asset allocation is a fancy-sounding term that refers to a relatively simple concept: spreading your […]

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