Kids and Money: Give Your Kids the Freedom To Make Their Own Financial Decisions

Kids Financial Independence

It can be hard to give your kids freedom when it comes to anything, including their finances. But kids are sometimes smarter about money than we think they are. And even their most foolish spending mistakes can be valuable learning experiences. Therefore, it could be wise to loosen the leash a little and let your […]

Financial Basic Training: Six Steps for Teaching Your Kids Financial Independence

financial literacy

There’s no question that teenagers and young adults learn a lot of different things in high school and college. But there’s one very important life skill that most high schools and colleges don’t teach: how to become financially independent. So it’s often up to parents to provide some basic training in financial independence to their […]

How to Help Your Kids Build Credit Early

building credit

One of the most important, but often neglected, financial tasks that most young people should focus on is building a strong credit history. An individual’s credit history will impact every aspect of his or her financial life — from buying a house or car to renting an apartment and maybe even getting a job. Start […]

Teach Your Kids Lifelong Lessons About Personal Financial Management

Kids and money

No doubt, your children will absorb a lot of information about many different things while they’re in school. But one thing they probably won’t learn much about in school is personal finance. The ironic thing is that personal financial management is one of the most practical, hands-on skills young people can learn today. Nothing against […]