Three Things to Consider Before Giving Financial Gifts to Your Grandkids

It’s one of the great joys of being a grandparent: Giving gifts to your grandkids. There’s no joy quite like seeing a grandchild’s face light up when opening a gift from his or her grandparents. In addition to holiday and birthday gifts, grandparents also sometimes choose to give their grandkids financial gifts, such as contributions […]

‘Tis the Season for Generosity … and Also Tax Savings


At this time of year, many people desire to help others who are less fortunate than they are by making contributions to charity. By planning carefully, you may be able to realize tax benefits when donating cash and property to qualified charitable organizations. This makes now a good time to plan out your charitable giving […]

Will You Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

Outlive retirement

Many people base their retirement saving and distribution strategies on life expectancy projections made by the Social Security Administration. According to these projections, once he has reached age 65, the average male in the United States will live to age 84 and the average female will live to age 86. But there’s something very important […]

5 Things Blended Family Spouses Should Discuss Before Marriage

blended families

Spouses who get remarried and create blended families face a number of unique challenges, including financial issues. Failure to talk about these challenges openly and honestly and plan for how to deal with them may lead to some serious family problems down the road. Therefore, it’s often a good idea to sit down with your […]

How to Catch Up on Your Retirement Savings

retirement catch up

Frontier knows that most of us are guilty of procrastination in at least one area of our lives. For example, maybe you keep putting off going to the doctor for that annual physical, or sitting down with your spouse and balancing your checkbook. According to a new report released by the World Economic Forum, many […]

The Potential Role of Annuities in Your Financial Plan


Annuities can sometimes be beneficial financial products, in the right circumstances. With a clear understanding of what annuities are and how they work, you can better determine whether or not an annuity could help you meet some of your financial goals. An annuity is a type of insurance contract into which you invest money today […]

How Might A Trump Presidency Affect the Tax Code?

Trump taxes

In a recent article we took a detailed look at how the Presidency of Donald Trump might affect the economy and markets. With Trump’s inauguration this week, now is a good time to take a look at how his Presidency might affect the U.S. tax code. Tax Reform Might Be Feasible With Republican control of […]

5 New Year’s Financial Resolutions for 2017


In a few weeks there’s a good chance you’ll make some New Year’s Resolutions — for example, to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more. As you think about your resolutions for 2017, here’s an idea: Try making some New Year’s financial resolutions. Here are 5 financial resolutions that could help make 2017 your best […]

Not in the Family: When Should You Name a Corporate Trustee?


If your estate plan utilizes trusts to manage the distribution of property and other assets to your heirs, then you have a very important decision to make: Who will be your trustee? You have two main options when naming a trustee: You can designate an individual — such as a family member, friend or business […]

How to Choose the Right Wealth Advisor


Your choice of a wealth advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, at least from a financial standpoint. Given this, it’s surprising how little time and research some people put into the process of choosing the right advisor. For example, some people will choose a wealth advisor based simply on […]