Charitable Giving: Do You Have a Strategic Plan?


If you’re like many people, you probably donate both money and time to support charitable causes that you believe in. But have you ever thought about creating a charitable giving strategic plan? Doing so will provide a structured approach that will help you decide which charities you will support financially and with your time and […]

How to Get Creative With Life Insurance


When they hear the term “life insurance,” people usually think of an insurance policy that will provide financial protection for their family when they die. But life insurance can also be used in creative ways to accomplish other financial goals beyond just providing your loved ones with a death benefit. When used strategically, life insurance […]

How Women Can Plan for a Financially Secure Retirement


Planning for retirement is important for everyone, of course, but it’s especially critical for women. Why? Because studies have indicated that when compared to men, women often don’t save as much money for retirement. Sobering Stats According to a recent Vanguard report, the average 401(k) balance for women is about $75,000 while the average for […]

How to Keep Emotions Out of Your Investment Decisions


The first month of this year has tested investors’ emotions perhaps more than at any time since the financial crisis almost eight years ago. No matter how committed you may be to staying the course with your investing strategy, it’s difficult to experience market drops like we saw in January and not feel emotional about […]

Meeting the Financial Challenges of the Sandwich Generation

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They’ve been dubbed the “sandwich generation” — couples and individuals typically in their 40s or 50s who are faced with the dual financial challenge of raising kids or helping support adult children while also caring for aging parents. According to the Pew Foundation, at least 15 percent of middle-aged adults are currently providing financial support […]

5 Tips for Handling a Financial Windfall

Business Man Displaying a Spread of Cash

Many people dream of suddenly acquiring a large sum of money. We’ve all seen the news stories of lottery winners who went from ordinary Joes to multi-millionaires overnight, and maybe you’ve fantasized about what it would be like to win a mega-jackpot. It’s far more common, however, for individuals to find themselves the recipients of […]

Choosing the Right Social Security Distribution Strategy


Every day, approximately 8,000 Americans turn 65 years old, which is the traditional retirement age. One of the many decisions facing 65-year-olds is when should they start receiving their Social Security retirement benefits. It’s not as simple as opting to receive Social Security starting on your 65th birthday. In face, there’s a lot of flexibility […]

Intra-Family Loans: A Wealth Transfer Strategy That Can Also Benefit Your Kids and Grandkids

Multi-Generation Family Enjoying Walk In Beautiful Countryside

Despite the Federal Reserve’s December quarter-point hike, interest rates remain near historic lows. In this low-rate environment, intra-family loans remain a great wealth transfer tool for affluent individuals and couples. You can make a low-interest intra-family loan to your children or grandchildren for any purpose you choose. For example, you could loan them money to […]

Teach Your Kids Lifelong Lessons About Personal Financial Management

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No doubt, your children will absorb a lot of information about many different things while they’re in school. But one thing they probably won’t learn much about in school is personal finance. The ironic thing is that personal financial management is one of the most practical, hands-on skills young people can learn today. Nothing against […]