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Macki Deck

Client Service Associate

Macki Deck joined Frontier with multiple years in the services industry. Macki is that person who always has a smile on her face. She greets you with enthusiasm and positivity that helps support our office culture. Her specialty focuses on growing customer relations and streamlining office procedures. Macki excels in a team environment, which is a result of being an athlete from grade school throughout college. 

“I really enjoy working with clients because of the relationship that organically builds between us. I care about their wants and needs and will go to great lengths to get it accomplished. The accountability and trust that clients have towards me is extremely valuable.” 

Macki enjoys being involved in local community development while attending events. She is an active member of young professionals and strives to become a part of much more. Outside of work, she enjoys time with friends and family, and keeping up with her health and fitness.